Monday, September 28, 2020


 Hey everyone!

As you can see by my entries there wasn't a whole lot between August and now. Heck I was starting to slack around my birthday month (July). Between the RONA and the lack of work for my husband you can say that I'm a bit stressed out.

Any ways. I am currently working on my tcg site right now and getting it all up and running again for October. I probably won't do anymore September events. Some of them I had to sign up for before September hit and I didn't. So that means I won't be able to finish my bingo card for September. Instead of rushing to "catch up" with past events I am instead going to just move forward and clean up my site and start fresh in October. I'm not crazy about Halloween cards and teamsets so I'll try to pump out cute fall cardsets and maybe some lingering summer transitioning into fall sets too. Maybe a few games. Who knows?!

Can't wait to be back and trade with y'all and play games!!



Tuesday, September 15, 2020

September Challenge (Hosted by Cris)

 This month challenge is a sweet one, it’s about DOUGHNUTS ! or donuts like some call them.

I’ve prepared this image: 

for you to color and decorate as you like best: add whatever you like and then …. add a text to compose a wordplay using the similarity between DONUT and DO NOT.
There are a lot of sentences that you can compose: donut know, donut like and so on.

Here what I’ve done:

Then, there is another doughnut to color and decorate.

After coloring/decorating the second doughnut, you have to use it for a ride: The Donut Ride ! Being the background a kitchen you have to add to your donut a cook or something suitable to this environment. Please keep the size I’ve planned.




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