Saturday, August 15, 2020

August Challenge (Hosted by Me)

Hey girls! I am so sad that summer will be over soon!

Growing up my dad always took my siblings and I on vacation to see our uncle. We always went July/August and then August/September once we were all out of school. We have a grand time going to the beach, surfing the waves, swimming, having bonfires, going to country fairs, camping, and sooo much more!! As an adult I look forward to meeting up with my family at my uncles house every year!

Let's celebrate summer with a cool drink and a day on the beach!

01) Create a summer drink!
<--- Strawberry Lemonade


Choose the line or the greyscale (Thank you Tami!!!) of this summer drink and create your favorite summer drink. When finished please put your 4-letter code on it somewhere and send it back to me. I will be assembling all of our summer drinks into one big group photo! :D

When finished with this task feel free to grab your prizes:

Note: If you can't do the following tutorial it's OK. You are still able to complete the challenge by doing the first task. The second task of creating a beach will now become a bonus prize if done. :)

02) Create your own beach scene following this tutorial! - BONUS!!

Hopefully this tutorial will be easier to follow than last months. I stumbled upon this gem when looking through my folders for something else. I did not create this tutorial but got it through the Yah Yah Group years ago. I hope you all have fun with it!

When you're done with the tutorial feel free to grab your prize:
You can find my requestable sigtags & blinkies HERE

Monday, August 10, 2020

International Cat Day & a cat quilt

International Cat Day + a Cat Quilt

Cat cardset: Tubes by MPP & WA
Must include a mouse, fish, bird, butterfly and cat in at least 5 cards.

My cat banner

My cat quilt:

Members Results: